Best download manager for MAC

If you have been looking for a download manager for MAC which is as good as IDM for Windows, then your search is over. 

Speed Download from Yazsoft has proved to be worthy competitor to IDM and has won my heart straightforward. It can resume downloads, open multiple connections to super charge downloads and also integrate with your favorite browser to provide seamless experience. 

You must give it a try! Also they offer some really cool offers that can make your day. 

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Malang - Full Song with Lyrics - Dhoom:3 - ➝

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PlayIt - Fill your video appetite ➝

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install bluestacks on a windows or mac pc by Tess Bryan

Futurewebsupport driving new innovation for tech and mobile on the web

The web innovation company, Futurewebsupport went live recently by providing a forum style solution to free web support. The company aim to help usersaccess the latest tech advice with step by step guides that will make technology easier and more efficient.

Whilst the web support company does have solutions for business, the typical support it offers includes the following categories:

Mobile support:

In the mobile support section users can find anything ranging from the latest iPhones to specific tips on how to obtain the latest Wechat app for their smartphones. It provides user reviews on the most up to date devices and even mobile gaming tips.

Android support:

Users can access the android section easily. Here they could learn things like downloading subway surfers for android devices, obtaining various browsers to improve their user experience and off course subscribe to the newsfeed to receive regular android news.

General support:

When users have Windows or App specific needs, Futurewebsupport comes in handy. Lately a VLC download option was expanded upon, together with an app review service that enables the user to find the best app according to popular views of other tech enthusiasts.

The representative of Futurewebsupport, Kobus Brits had this to say about moving beyond the tip of the iceberg with Tech: “We found that there are so many users of the new Samasung Galaxy and iPhone devices who are yet to learn how powerful their devices really are, and by educating our users for free, they find the level of support that can help them harness all the features of technology.”

Futurewebsupport noticed an increase in users from Brazil and India given the latest wave of smartphone releases – which is an indicator that developing world technology is setting a new trend. Clearly iphones, ipad’s, Samsung Galaxy and Huwei devices are running shoulder to shoulder in competing for new users around the globe.

How users can participate:

Futurewebsupport is social! It enables users to ask questions and also help other users by commenting on it’s forum. You should join Futurewebsupport today – it’s fun and free.

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Simplr is on sale!

Finally Simplr - Simple Tumblr Theme is online for purchase at 

This is my third theme on tumblr and yeah you guessed it right! Its the same theme my blog is using now

Hope you like it. 

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Apple Event Oct, 22

Another Apple event and I am waiting for it desperately. Hope to see new macbook pros! and not interested in new iPads at all. 

I wish OS X maverick starts rolling today :)

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If I was given the task to figure out a more annoying way of displaying ads than does, using infinite amount of time and resources. I would have failed miserably!

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Simplr - Simple Tumblr Theme

I have been working on this new theme lately, which is under review now. It will be available once it gets accepted.

Hope you like it :)

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Youtube to Facebook ➝

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